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Thursday, October 24, 2013


Heather and I headed down to Ghent today to explore the fields sculptures of Omi International Arts Center.  It is a very interesting place, with over 80 larger than life art exhibits on display throughout 300 acres of rolling farmland.  It is a place where art meets nature, and vice versa.
 The exhibits are big enough to fit in!
 Not sure what all of the art means, but it certainly is intriguing.
 There are trails in the woods as well, leading to more mysterious exhibits.

 You can never be too sure what you are seeing as you continue on.
 A fun house type mirror near the pond.

 Wildflowers in bloom.
 Need a hand?

 His clothes are a little square.
There is a cafe and visitors center on site as well. Bicycles are available at the visitors center, as well as golf carts for handicapped individuals.  There are picnic facilities and benches throughout the park and it is open year round.  A very different, but interesting place to visit in rural Columbia County.

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