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Friday, October 11, 2013

Huckleberry Point

Headed down to the Catskills today to hike Huckleberry Point.  An approaching tropical storm from the south was supposed to keep us socked in with clouds, but a lucky break allowed for a good deal of sunshine and a great day for hiking.  The trail starts out with a moderate climb with the sound of rushing water down a ravine about 150 yards away.
 The rushing water heard is actually Plattekill Creek and can be reached by bushwacking down the ravine.  A nice waterfall is what I found.
 About a mile into the hike, the trail crosses the creek, which is only a stream at this point and can be crossed easily by rock hopping.
The hike is a total of 4.8 miles RT with an elevation gain of 1100 feet, featuring some of the most outstanding views in the Catskills.
 To the east lies the Hudson River valley with the Hudson River off in the distance.
 Immediately in front of you is Plattekill Clove which drops nearly 1000 feet with the impressive, bulking Indian Head Mountain and Twin Mountain looming above.
 The Hudson Valley far below.
 Looking back at Huckleberry Point and Plattekill Clove.
 Hucklberry Point.
 Near the ledge is an impressive collection of rock cairns.
After a very satisfying day of hiking, I decided to drive the backroads home.

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