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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Rolling Hills and Open Fields(Harrier Hill and Roeliff-Jansen Kill)

Headed down to Columbia County after work today.  The Columbia Land Conservancy always does a fantastic job with their properties, so it should come as no surprise that Harrier Hill in Stockport is a gem.  Small in size(only 6 acres) but big on views.  From the top of the hill there are unobstructed views west of the Catskills with the Hudson River in the forefront.  There are several benches for relaxing and watching what must be a phenomenal sunset.

After a short stroll around the fields, I headed further east to Hillsdale and the Roeliff Jansen Park.  Owned by New York State and managed by the town of Hillsdale, the land is mostly rolling meadows that were formerly farmed.  The trails make for a nice, healthy walk with beautiful views in nearly all directions.
Looking back down the trail towards the parking lot.
 Views to the east towards the Taconic Range.
Smooth Aster.
 There is a farm bordering the park's property, affording views of some cows in pasture.
 A resting spot, overlooking the open fields and hills to the west.
 The Roeliff Jansen Kill.

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