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Thursday, October 16, 2014

Cloudy Afternoon Paddle on Nassau Lake

Took the kayak out after work on another mostly dreary, but unseasonably warm fall day.
 The rain, which had been coming down most of the morning had finally subsided, leaving a thick overcast.
I paddled closed to the south shore of the lake, floating by nearby docks and yards.
 The colors still look nice, even on a gloomy day.
 Many homeowners have boats and docks on the water.
 A breeze kept the water a bit choppy.

Continued along the south shore towards the dam.
 A look back out over the open water.
 The east side of the lake is clogged with many lily pads near the the ballfield.

 Brilliant fall colors, as well as fallen leaves dancing amongst the lilies.
 A small peninsula just past the ballfield on the east shore.
 This panorama of the lake provides a better look at the vast center of the lake, as well as the thick clouds.
 Heading back home through choppy waters.
 A quiet, relaxed paddle after a long day at work.

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