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Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Hudson and Nancy Winn Preserve(Albany County)

Visited the 208 acre Hudson and Nancy Winn Preserve today, located high up in the Helderburgs in the town of Knox.   The preserve offers early 3 miles of trails through mostly mature hemlocks and maples.
 A short distance into the hike, a cabin that was used by the Winns still stands and is used today my trail volunteers and the Conservancy.
Stone walls and barbed wire fences suggest that the property was probably used for woodlots and grazing.
As I started the hike, the clouds were holding strong as I trudged through the leaves.
The leaves have mostly fallen, with the sounds of leaves crunching underfoot each step.
The Mohawk Hudson Land Conservancy owns and manages the property.
Looking up as the autumn trees, as the skies began to clear.
Pleasant woods walking.
Due to its slightly higher elevation,many of the trees have already shed their leaves.
Massive limestone blocks, extensive rock outcrops and cliffs mark the preserve.
Avenue of pines.
Stone walls buried in leaves.
Most of the trails are level, easy walking, but there is a section that drops steeply down the escarpment.  A look back up at part of the steeper section.  Unfortunately there are no distant views available, due to it being heavily wooded.
A very quiet, easy walk in the woods today provided just what I needed.  Peace and quiet with a chance to get in touch with nature.  Walked about 3 miles total RT for the day.

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