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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Hudson Pointe Preserve(Adirondack Foothills)

Visited the Hudson Pointe Nature Preserve, an 83 acre property owned by the Open Space Institute and located in the town of Queensbury today.  You must be vigilant to find this preserve because it is located about a mile into a large residential development.  I was glad to get out and explore on yet another beautiful, warm late October afternoon with temperatures approaching 70 degrees.
 The trail actually starts beyond a large informational kiosk and at the far end of a large field at the top of a set of wooden steps.
A red marked trail takes you high above the steep bluffs over the Hudson River.
 A sea of fallen leaves and pine needles cushion your steps, making for a very pleasant walk.
 There are very steep drop offs down to the Hudson just a few feet away from the trail.
 The mellow trails make an ideal setting for a place to clear your head.
 The red trail leads down off the steep bluffs and eventually down to the riverside.
There are several quiet access points along the river where it looks like a perfect spot to skip a stone.
 A look to the east across the quiet, calm waters of the Hudson.
 Long views across the open water.  Just to the right of this picture are a series of very small islands.
 Unfortunately the low part of the trail near "Big Bay" is completely under water, leaving no possible way to the foot bridge and nice views of the bay.
As I walked around, looking for an alternate version, I soon discovered that even most of the woods were a foot under water.  Sadly, I had to turn back defeated.
 Late afternoon sun setting on the leaf covered trail.
 Fading fall colors amidst the mostly bare woods.
 The Sherman Island Hydroelectric Facility is located just west of the preserve at the northeast tip of Sherman Island.
While nothing too long or strenuous, it was nice just getting out for a relaxing walk along the Hudson.   Walked about 1.3 miles.

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