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Sunday, October 19, 2014

Wolf Pond(Adirondacks)

I've been wanting to visit Wolf Pond, located in the Vanderwhacker Mountain Wild Forest, for quite some time now, and today would finally be the day I'd get my chance to visit.  My grandfather and father used to fish there quite a bit back about a generation, so this was a truly special place in my heart although I had never laid eyes on it.  The main problem is that there are no trails to the pond and it is located about a mile off of Blue Ridge Road.  To complicate things, we were going to follow Wolf Pond Brook  the entire way, but there were 3 trucks in the large pull off where Boreas River meets Wolf Pond Brook.  Normally this wouldn't be an issue, but because it is bowhunting season, we chose to start down the road about a mile at a roadside pull off.
 From the road, the bushwhacking immediately begins.
 A large cedar swamp greets you about 5 minutes into the hike.
 My dad knows these woods well.  We continued north beyond the cedar swamp here.
 A few minutes later we arrived at rapids on Wolf Pond Brook.
 We had hip boots on, so crossed the brook here.  It was fast moving but only chin deep.
 A look upstream as I crossed the cold waters.
 This section of the brook actually must be crossed twice because it splits for a distance just above here.
The second brook crossing.
 Up ahead we walked along a still water section of Wolf Pond Brook, where it widens appreciably.
 The shallow, calm waters along this wide section of the brook.
 Tamarack trees are found in abundance along the brook here.  Tamarack trees are truly unique because they resemble other evergreens but are actually a deciduous conifer, which change colors and then drops its needles every fall.
 The mossy area in the interior woods makes it almost feel like you are walking on cushions.
 Fading fall colors looking downstream.
 Walking through a wetland area with tamarack and evergreens above.
 A look at Wolf Pond's outlet.
 The outlet from upstream. 
 A first glance at Wolf Pond's incredible views. 
Several of the high peaks can be seen from this vantage point.  From left to right, Redfield, Skylight, Marcy, Haystack and Basin.
 Crossing at the outlet.
 Beautiful reflections. 
 We were lucky that the window of clear window lasted long enough to get these perfect shots across the perfect blue waters.
 We did the return hike along the opposite shores of the brook.
 As we arrived back at Blue Ridge Road, the weather had deteriorated quickly.
 After battling off and on flurries most of the morning, a stronger snow shower came blowing through.
 The season's very first snow.  Very fine snow sprinkled on some leaves.
A fun bushwhack of a little less than 2 miles to Wolf Pond and back on a blustery, cold October day.

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