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Thursday, October 30, 2014

Hannacroix Creek Preserve

Got out for a short walk at the Hannacroix Creek Preserve on the Albany County/ Green County line this evening.  Unfortunately, Daylight Savings Time comes to an end this weekend so, with the shorter days I need to start focusing on more local preserves on my work days.  Luckily, there are plenty of nice, local options to choose from.  The Hannacroix Creek Preserve, located just off Route 144 is owned by the Open Space Institute and managed by New Baltimore Conservancy.
 A large parking lot provides trail access.  I began by heading uphill on the Irving Trail.
 Once the trail levels out, it splits and a blue marked trail heads steeply down the ravine to the creek.  There are plenty of opportunities just off the trail to access the clear waters.
 Fast moving waters take turns with slower moving current.

 There are a few small but pretty cascades along the way.
A pleasant view downstream from where the trail arrives at the abandoned Croswell Paper Mill.
 Remnants of Croswell's Paper Mill, which was closed in 1897. 
After a little over half a mile, you will hear the rush of water coming from the falls. Sometimes referred to as "Ravena Falls", the water comes crashing down about ten feet and can be viewed from above on the trail.
 The falls can be viewed from creek level as well, by carefully climbing down off the trail, being sure to watch your footing.
 Trail markings.
 The red trail leads you on a loop through the woods and provides a sliver of a view down to the
Hudson River. 
 After looping back off the red trail, you follow the Irving Trail back to the parking lot, where a trail breaks off and provides access to the Hudson River. The Hudson River Trail crosses Route 144, a sometimes busy two lane highway, so you must take care while crossing.
Once across the road, a boardwalk leads through a large wetland and many cattails.
The World's First Recycled Bridge, crossing a tidal swamp.
 Fleeting daylight over the Hudson River.
 Looking upriver.
A nice, evening walk.  About 2 miles RT.

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