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Monday, October 27, 2014

Shaupeneak Ridge(Hudson Valley)

After an enjoyable couple of days visiting Kalli's family in Orange County we stopped by Shaupeneak Ridge in Esopus.  Managed by Scenic Hudson and part of the Marlboro Mountains, the preserve offers about 3.5 miles of trails.  A day filled with remarkable sunshine and warm temperatures had us both anxious to get out and enjoy the day.
 There are two parking lots, with the upper lot being the access point to most of the trails. 
 A blue marked trail winds around Louisa Pond, with spectacular views above the water.
 Lily pads and reflections spread out on the placid waters.
 The serene pond almost looks like it belongs somewhere much further north, with a very remote feeling.
Several small paths lead down to the pristine waters.
 Bright afternoon sun shining through the beautiful forest.
 A perfect fall day for a walk.
 A boardwalk leads through a small wetland as the blue trail meanders along.

A red marked trail breaks off the blue trail and crosses quiet Popletown Road, lined by stone walls and fall foliage.
 A small lookout provides a pleasant north view to the Catskills.  The fall colors frame the long distance view.

A short distance further, a much better vista awaits you with east facing views over the Hudson River.
 The town of Esopus and the mid Hudson Valley Region spread out far below the rock ledge.
A perfect autumn day marked by full sun and fall foliage.
 Beautiful fall colors!
A great day to be out and about, we hiked 2.2 miles RT a this Scenic Hudson preserve and wish we could've done more.

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