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Friday, October 17, 2014

Lunchtime Stroll at Schodack Town Park

Got out for a very nice lunchtime walk at the Schodack Town Park on a brilliant fall day.
 The quiet but beautiful Moordener Kill runs through the park.
 There are many chances to get down to the creek and enjoy the peacefulness.
 Leaves are pooling in the shallow waters.
 Picture perfect.
 A deeper pool where a fallen tree is acting like a dam.
 70 degrees and sunny with fall colors surrounding you.
 Bridge crossing.
 Looking downstream.
 Blue skies and puffy clouds above the fading foliage.
 A small cascade.
Cascading water.
A quiet stretch of the creek with the shadows creeping in.

  Returning back towards the car, pausing to breathe in the clean air.

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