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Sunday, October 26, 2014

Winding Hills Park(Orange County)

While visiting my girlfriend's family in the sleepy town of Montgomery in Orange County today, we stopped by Winding Hills Park to do a short hike.  A 502 acre park, it is mostly pleasant woods walking with 40 acre Diamond Lake as the centerpiece of the park.  Clouds and strong winds marked much of the day.
 There are many winding trails through the woods, with benches available to stop and enjoy the nature.
 Although there are several hills, there are no long distance vistas to be had due to the dense woods.  Although screened, this is the best view we could find. 
 An interesting tree along the way.
 The trails pass along many old stone walls.
 Many leaves have already fallen in the late October woods.
 The sun managed to break through here and there, but the strong winds kept it cool.
 While not a lot of elevation change, there are some hills to be traversed.
 After a distance, we arrived at Diamond Lake's shoreline.
 Late season berries.
Stumps in the shallow waters.
 A quiet spot along the lake shore.
 A panorama of Diamond Lake near the canoe launch.
 Late fall colors along the park roads.
 A couple small hills lead us around the lake.
 Another bench to soak in the lake views.
 Heading back to the car amidst the dazzling fall foliage.
Hiked a total of 3.0 miles RT in quiet, secluded woods.

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